Where is Custom Craft Poultry Creating 290 New Jobs?

Custom Craft Poultry is adding a new poultry processing location in Right to Work Little Rock, Arkansas. In order to cover the cost, the company plans to invest around $10 million toward the project. In addition, they also plan to create 290 new jobs. Altogether, this will mean Custom Craft Poultry will be employing nearly 500 workers. So this will be a great economic addition for the area! This also shows how Right to Work states attract successful businesses that create new work opportunities and support the economy.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are very proud of our facility in Batesville and look forward to the additional opportunities that Little Rock holds for team members and customers. […] We are focused on providing the same quality and service our customers have grown to expect from our company. It will also provide a great employment opportunity for the people of Little Rock and surrounding areas.” […]

“Poultry is a huge part of the economy in Arkansas. […] Custom Craft Poultry’s decision to expand into Little Rock demonstrates that local businesses can grow and thrive here in The Natural State even when times seem tough. I congratulate them on this recent success.”


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