Where is GroPod Choosing to Expand Next?

GroPod is expanding soon in Right to Work Evansville, Indiana. In order to cover the cost, they will be investing over $1.7 million. They also plan to create 30 new jobs as well. So this will be a great addition to the area’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“GroPod has grown significantly since our humble beginnings in my college apartment while enrolled in our undergraduate degrees at Purdue University. […] Despite being native to Evansville, we considered many different startup ecosystems nationwide for some time. With the backing of Purdue University, Elevate Ventures and, not the least of which, the IEDC, it became abundantly clear that Evansville is an ideal location for agricultural technology companies such as ours to grow exponentially in the coming years.” […]

“Sustainable food production methods, like the GroPod, are needed now more than ever. As we are encountering the upper limits of climate dependent food production[,] demand is ever increasing[…]”

“Indiana offers an ideal environment for companies like GroPod that are at the intersection of ag and technology to flourish. […] Choosing to plant its roots in Evansville, GroPod will not only create high-skilled, high-wage jobs, it will bolster a growing industry that is developing innovative solutions, improving agricultural products consumed around the world and providing consumers with a sustainable food source.”


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