Where is Zasti Inc Locating Their New Headquarters?

Zasti Inc will soon have its US Headquarters in Right to Work Loudoun County, Virginia. The Right to Work state will provide the perfect environment for them to succeed. In order to cover the costs of the new location, the company is investing $5.9 million toward the project. In addition, they also plan to create 60 new jobs. So this will be a huge benefit for everyone!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Virginia represents a confluence of values given its workforce diversity, commitment to the environment, and a strong academic research setting. […] It is a great place for a transformative vision-driven business like ours to thrive. Our AI platform offers valuable health risk screening and early disease detection for communities in need while creating low-carbon pathways for our stakeholders. With continued support from Loudoun County and Virginia, we hope to grow our workforce well beyond 60 jobs.” […]

“Artificial intelligence-powered health tools are becoming more prevalent because of innovative companies like Zasti, Inc. […] Zasti’s suite of AI products is making a difference in preventive care and diagnostics to improve overall health outcomes, and we are confident the company will benefit from the renowned higher education institutions in Northern Virginia.” […]

“We are thrilled to attract Zasti’s U.S. headquarters to Loudoun County. […] This is another great step for economic diversity in Northern Virginia and further evidence of the importance of our international business development efforts. At a time when many international firms have paused their site selection searches overseas, we appreciate the confidence that Zasti has in a bright #LoudounPossible future.”


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