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Michiganders Oppose Repeal of State's Right To Work Laws
2023 SurveyUSA poll revealed that 74% oppose repealing Michigan’s Right To Work Law, and just 14% favored bringing forced union dues back to the Great Lakes State.
Union Households Oppose Repeal of Michigan Right To Work
2023 SurveyUSA poll revealed that 71% of union households oppose Right To Work repeal, exposing the fact that even union members do not support forced dues.
Multiyear Poll Average Show National Support for Right To Work
Based on the average past three decades of polls asking if people should have the choice to pay or join a labor union without fear of losing their job. 

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US Department of Labor Investigation Update

AFGE Boss Melissa Dickerson Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

Melissa Dickerson, the secretary for AFGE Local 2604 in Vermont has pleaded guilty of embezzlement. Learn more by reading on. From the Department of Labor: ...
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Right to Work Texas Economic Update

Hanyang Eng USA Chooses Right to Work Texas for Headquarters

Hanyang Eng USA is establishing national corporate headquarters in Right to Work Cedar Park, Texas! As a result, they will also create 50 new jobs ...
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Right to Work Arkansas Economic Development

RTX Looks to Right to Work Arkansas for New Operations

RTX is partnering with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to add a new location in Right to Work East Camden, Arkansas. In order to accomplish the ...
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Notable Quotes

The following quotes are labor union officials' actual comments.

"When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children."

— Albert Shanker
At the time of the quote, Shanker was the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union National President

"So, you tell me how I can possibly separate NEA’s collective bargaining efforts from politics—you just can’t. It’s all politics.”

— Bob Chanin
Then-NEA General Counsel

"We (NEA) want a legislative program led by leaders and staff with sufficient clout that they may roam the halls of Congress and collect votes to reorder the priorities of the United States of America."

— Terry Herndon
Then-Executive Director, National Education Association union.

"We are the biggest potential striking force in this country, and we are determined to control the direction of education.”

— Catherine Barrett
past NEA union president

Another example of why you need and deserve Right To Work laws...

USDOJ: AFSCME Union Boss Stole over $200K to Use for Gambling and other Personal Expenses

April 13, 2023

“Labor unions exist to promote the interests of the working men and women who make up their ranks. But instead of promoting the interests of his members, Clemons used his position to enrich himself and get cash to gamble at casinos,” said First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Cutchin.

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Teamsters Chicago too Corrupt, Union Officers Removed

April 12, 2023

Daily Herald: Teamsters (IBT) say local bosses used positions to ‘enrich themselves’ International union auditors, perhaps based on tips, concerned about “thousands in unauthorized bonuses and lavish spending” and “deeply…

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Union Corruption: IBEW LU98 Boss Brian Fiocca, Niko Rodriguez, Marita Crawford

February 11, 2023

In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Brian Fiocca, former employee of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 98 (located in Philadelphia, Pa.), pleaded guilty to five counts of embezzlement of union funds, in violation of 29 U.S.C. 501(c).

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