National Institute for Labor Relations Research

The National Institute for Labor Relations Research, Inc. (NILRR) primarily provides professional research for public consumption. The public may request research assistance from our website ( or by calling our office; NILRR houses an extensive archive of labor relations data, analysis, research, and news.

NILRR regularly provides nonpartisan, objective analysis and studies for the benefit of the public. NILRR focuses its research on exposing the inequities of compulsory unionism, providing analysis others may cite when they are addressing labor policy.

NILRR staff provides research papers designed to stimulate additional exploration and analysis.

Free of charge, NILRR staff offer research assistance and advice for those suffering from excessive governmental labor relations regulation, and NILRR offers up to two qualifying individuals per year educational assistance.  NILRR offers two scholarships, the  William B. Ruggles Journalist Scholarship and the Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship.