ABB Company to Expand in Right to Work Wisconsin

Right to Work Wisconsin Economic Update

ABB Company is expanding soon in Right to Work New Berlin, Wisconsin. This comes as a result of a $100 million investment. They will also create 100 new jobs. So this is exciting news for the area! It also shows how companies prefer to continue to invest in Right to Work states.

From Area Development Magazine:

“The U.S. is a significant and crucial market for our drives and the services that support them. […] Therefore, we are committed to local engineering, product design, and manufacturing as well as increased capacity and innovative production and warehousing processes. Our new campus will help us to better serve our local customers by increasing the availability of market-specific solutions and decreasing the time it takes to serve our customers.” […]

“While we make products that help our customers improve their energy efficiency, we are pleased to incorporate features into our campus that will help us reduce our own carbon footprint. […] Geothermal heat pump and modern HVAC systems will allow us to recycle wasted heat and reduce our energy usage by more than 45%. Improved insulation, rooftop solar panels, and ABB advanced building controls will also ensure that our campus operates efficiently and sustainably over the long-term.”


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