ACT Makes Expansion in Right to Work Oklahoma

Right to Work Oklahoma Economic Update

Advanced Call Center Technologies (ACT) is expanding soon in Right to Work Norman, Oklahoma! As a result, they will create 800 new jobs. So this is exciting news for Cleveland County.

From Area Development Magazine:

“ACT’s substantial expansion in Norman is a testament to the work ethic of Oklahomans. […] When we converted to an employee-owned company two years ago, we couldn’t have anticipated the dramatic increase in productivity and growth that would occur. Solid wages, great culture, and personal growth opportunities obviously resonated well within Norman and Cleveland County.” […]

“Norman has created a business-friendly ecosystem that is quickly gaining momentum and support from key stakeholders like NEDC. […] Commerce applauds the unprecedented job growth that ACT has experienced since establishing operations in Norman in 2022, and we appreciate their ongoing commitment to Norman and the state of Oklahoma.”

“We could not be happier about the success that ACT has experienced in Norman. […] This is a testament to the collaborative efforts of business leaders and public officials, including Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and the Department of Commerce.”


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