Adverum Biotechnologies Adds Location in Right to Work North Carolina

Adverum Biotechnologies, while being a California-based company, has chosen Durham County, North Carolina as the location for a new facility. This will be the perfect place for this gene therapy company because Research Triangle Park provides access to cutting-edge resources. In order to make this happen, they are investing $82.8 million toward the project. This will also create over 200 new jobs. So this will be a great economic opportunity, providing benefits to the company, the market, the state, and the people.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Today’s announcement culminates a robust site selection process to determine the best fit for our future […] needs for ADVM-022. […] With its reputation as a strong viral vector manufacturing hub, North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park offers a highly skilled and diverse workforce crucial for advancing our novel and transformative gene therapy.” […]

“North Carolina’s global leadership in biotechnology was established years ago, and we continue to build on our reputation, not rest on it. […] Congratulations to Adverum Biotechnologies for the success that has positioned it at the frontier of gene therapy[. M]y thanks go out to the state and local partners supporting the company’s arrival in North Carolina.”


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