AFL-CIO and MoveOn Team Up on GOTV

While the Democratic National Convention was not a temptation this year for the AFL-CIO, the union council has apparently teamed up with MoveOn to commandeer a get-out-the-vote effort.  How many millions in forced dues will be funneled into this effort is unknown, and it’s unlikely the amount will ever come to light.  What is sure is that it will increase  union’s in-kind contribution to the 2012 elections will increase dramatically.

Adam Reuben, MoveON Political Director leaks the news on  

With all the money Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and others are spending to defeat President Obama—we needed to do something truly game changing, or President Obama could really lose this election. 

So today I’m excited to announce an unprecedented partnership between the AFL-CIO’s Workers’ Voice and MoveOn’s 7 million members to turn out the same progressive voters who swept Obama to victory in ’08. 

Earlier this summer, 91% of MoveOn members like you voted to “dedicate substantial resources to the presidential race.” I believe this plan lives up to that mandate.