Amaero Establishes First US Location in Right to Work Tennessee

Right to Work Tennessee Economic Update

Amaero International Limited, an Australian titanium alloy company, is establishing its first US location in Right to Work Cleveland, Tennessee. In order to cover all costs, the company is investing a total of $54.9 million toward the project. They will also create 105 new jobs. So this will be a great economic addition to Bradley County.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Amaero is appreciative of the many stakeholders in Tennessee who quickly mobilized to proactively develop and present a compelling business case for the re-location of Amaero’s flagship titanium powder production operations, research and development efforts and its corporate headquarters to Tennessee. Amaero will build upon the U.S.’ resurgent manufacturing sector and the strong regional manufacturing ecosystem with a critical and strategic industrial capability that addresses the country’s highest priority initiatives in advanced and additive manufacturing, as well as enhancing supply chain resiliency for critical minerals and defense production. This is a seminal event for Amaero and a great development for Amaero’s shareholders, our employees and our customers.” […]

“There are nearly 30 Australian companies that call Tennessee home, and we are proud to add another great global brand like Amaero to that growing roster. Cleveland, Tennessee, is the ideal location for this company’s first U.S. facility and has the workforce, infrastructure and business environment to ensure Amaero’s success.”


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