Anduril Looks to Expand in Right to Work Mississippi

Right to Work Mississippi Economic Update

Anduril is investing $75 million in order to expand in Right to Work Stone County, Mississippi. As a result, they will also create 60 new jobs. So this is exciting economic news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are proud to produce solid rocket motors at scale in Mississippi. Our advanced manufacturing process for solid rocket motors is already faster and more efficient than existing techniques used across the industry. […] By expanding and modernizing the Mississippi Solid Rocket Motor Complex, we will be able to dramatically increase production capacity for solid rocket motors, expanding supply to replenish U.S. and allied stockpiles of munitions to maintain credible deterrence.” […]

“Mississippi is recognized globally for its advancements in aerospace. In communities across the state, aerospace leaders like Anduril employ cutting-edge technologies so we remain at the forefront of this vital sector while creating exciting high-tech, good-paying opportunities for Mississippians. This project further strengthens our aerospace portfolio and once again shows the world Mississippi is a prime destination for aerospace innovation.” […]

“AccelerateMS is thrilled to welcome Anduril to Mississippi. We look forward to partnering with this forward-thinking and innovative company as they create high-reward, high-paying job opportunities for Mississippians. This significant investment in our state underscores our confidence in the talent and dedication of our workforce. We are eager to see Anduril thrive in Stone County and are committed to supporting their success.” […]

“We’re proud to partner with Anduril in its next phase of expansion at the Mississippi Solid Rocket Motor Complex in Stone County. In addition to doubling their workforce over the next two years, Anduril’s investment will make a significant, positive impact on the regional economic landscape.”


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