Another Amazon Fulfillment Center Comes to Right to Work Oklahoma

Amazon, well-known for creating new jobs for people all over, is adding a new Fulfillment Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is good news because it will mean 500 new, full-time jobs for those who need them. This new Fulfillment Center in Oklahoma will consist of a 1-million square-foot facility. And, the plan is for it to be up and running soon, by the year 2021. So this will be a great opportunity to grow Oklahoma City’s economy and improve the overall job market.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Amazon’s new facility is another testament to the nation and the world that Oklahoma is open for business. […] As governor, it is my priority to foster a climate where businesses can grow, thrive and expand in order to provide jobs for hardworking Oklahomans to support their families. I salute Amazon on its expansion and look forward to its continued growth in our state.” […]

“Amazon’s continued growth in Oklahoma City is a recognition of the strength of our market. […] These 500 jobs are particularly important as people who have lost jobs due to the pandemic are looking for long-term stable employment.”


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