Becker Establishes Headquarters in Right to Work Georgia

Becker Robotic Equipment is a company based in Germany that has been looking for the perfect location to establish North American headquarters. Now, they have settled on Canton, Georgia. After all, this will give the company access to Right to Work benefits. In order to make all of this possible, they are investing $30 million toward the project. They also plan to create 137 new jobs. So this is exciting for Cherokee County’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“German companies have been key partners in the growth of Georgia’s automotive industry for years, and we’re excited for Becker to become a larger part of Georgia’s story. […] I had the opportunity to meet with Becker in Germany, and I was struck by the company’s innovative spirit and collaborative approach that has made them a successful partner in Georgia. Congratulations to Cherokee County and all of our partners who supported this project.” […]

“Metro Atlanta is ideally suited for Becker’s new North American headquarters and manufacturing facility, given its thriving automotive and mobility ecosystem. […] Becker will surely benefit from the collaboration between the region’s innovative companies and universities, access to talent, and the already robust German business community. Congratulations to the team at Becker and all of the organizations that supported this decision.”


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