Deer and Kreisel Partner for Right to Work North Carolina Headquarters

Right to Work North Carolina Economic Update

Deere & Company is partnering up with Kreisel Electric GMBH, and together, they are establishing headquarters in Right to Work Kernersville, North Carolina. In order to accomplish this, they are investing a total of $69.6 million toward the project. They will also create 50 new jobs. So this is incredible news for Forsyth County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“As the demand for electric solutions continues to increase, this strategic investment in growing our production capacity will help strengthen our position as an international battery technology leader. Within the evolving off-highway equipment market, we are prioritizing the development of a robust charging ecosystem and battery portfolio that can support and sustain the long-term adoption of electrification across a wide variety of applications.†[…]

“John Deere could have established this new company anywhere in the world, but they chose North Carolina. […] As the company continues to address the evolving needs of the global community, they can rely on our commitment to further developing a diverse, well-trained advanced manufacturing workforce to support them.†[…]

“With North Carolina’s commitment to clean energy, top workforce in the country and favorable business climate, the state has become a leader in the electric vehicle and battery sector. […] We are positive that John Deere and Kreisel’s partnership will continue to propel North Carolina and the nation into a clean energy economy.â€


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