DURA Automotive Systems Provides Jobs in Right to Work Alabama

DURA Automotive Systems is keeping up with times! In order to meet a demand for greener standards everywhere, they are investing in a facility that will be use specifically for manufacturing electric car battery trays. The idea is to help fuel the surge in electric car popularity (no puns intended).

The company is investing $59 million to open a new location in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The money will go toward manufacturing new equipment and leasing out an already-built facility. This new addition to the company is expected to provide 279 new jobs in the area. One thing’s for sure, this business is making a very positive impact in this Right to Work state.

From Area Development Magazine:

““This investment represents Dura’s commitment to support global customers in the transition to electrified, high performance vehicles. […] We are delighted to extend our well-established European expertise in design and manufacturing of lightweight structural architectures to the North American market.” […]

“I’m very excited to see DURA Automotive Systems make a significant investment in Alabama and create career opportunities for our hard-working citizens in the Shoals. […] DURA is a great addition to the network of world-class auto suppliers that is spreading across Sweet Home Alabama.”


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