EnviroFlight More Than Doubles in Size in Right to Work Kentucky

EnviroFlight is announcing an expansion of one of their current locations in Maysville, Kentucky. In order to cover the cost, they are investing $20 million toward the project. This will go toward more than doubling the space that they currently have. Their current space is 112,500 square feet, and they plan to add 173,000 square feet, so this is a pretty hefty investment. They also plan to hire 40 new people. So this will be a big win for Maysville’s economy.

Area Development Magazine:

“As a key contributor to the commonwealth’s agritech industry, it’s a testament to EnviroFlight and Kentucky’s partnership that the company will expand so soon after opening in Maysville. […]

“This project […] will help build a better future for Kentuckians. I want to thank EnviroFlight for growing its presence in the commonwealth[.] I expect we will see much more in the years ahead.” […]

“The EnviroFlight expansion project highlights potential. EnviroFlight and Darling have assembled a team of incredibly talented individuals pushing the agritech envelope daily[. T]his announcement marks another milestone in an explosively positive trajectory. […]

“It’s also indicative of the commonwealth’s and Governor Beshear’s focus on agritech and its potential. Finally, EnviroFlight’s announcement is another indicator of the economic groundswell and increasing momentum of the Maysville and Mason County region. As a community, we’re excited to see what the future holds for EnviroFlight[.]”


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