Gestamp Expands For Third Time in a Decade in Right to Work Tennessee

Gestamp is investing $94.7 million on its third expansion in Chattanooga, Tennessee over the last decade. The expansion will go toward increasing capacity, as well as updating robotics and technology. The project will also create 260 new jobs. So this will be a great opportunity for those in Hamilton County.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Gestamp is proud of continuing to grow our operations in Chattanooga[. A] third expansion […]will enable us to better serve our customers in the US Region and further create jobs to live up to our commitment to the Tennessean workforce development.” […] 

“Tennessee is known as a global leader in automotive manufacturing, and it is because of companies like Gestamp that our state’s automotive industry continues to grow and excel. Gestamp’s third expansion in ten years shows their commitment to Chattanooga and confidence in Tennessee’s skilled workforce.” […]

We congratulate Gestamp on its third expansion in Chattanooga over the past ten years. […] We appreciate Gestamp for its continued commitment to Tennessee and the 260 new jobs that will be created.” […]

“The impact of their good family-wage jobs ripples throughout this community as does their interaction with local education providing their next generation of workers.” 


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