GKN Aerospace Chooses to Relocate to Right to Work Texas

RTW-Texas-NILRR (3)

GKN Aerospace is choosing to relocate its aerospace supply manufacturing facility to Right to Work Fort Worth, Texas. As a result, this will create 100 new jobs. So this is fantastic economic news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are very excited to bring our additive technology research to Fort Worth. […] With proximity to many of our major customers in Texas and across the US, this is the right place for GKN Aerospace. Along with partnership with local government, we look forward to expanding our titanium additive manufacturing capabilities and pushing the boundaries of this technology for our customers and the aerospace industry.†[…]

“Fort Worth is proud to welcome GKN Aerospace and excited by the cutting-edge R&D that it will bring to the region. […] This center of excellence builds on a strong cluster of Fort Worth-based firms who are innovating the future of aerospace and transportation manufacturing, and we look forward to the partnership that we are building with GKN Aerospace.â€


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