Goldstein et al v. PSC Could Impact Right to Work Protections

In Goldstein et al v. PSC, CUNY faculty are standing their ground against the AFT-affiliated Professional Staff Congress (PSC) union bosses, who allegedly committed religious discrimination the Jewish faculty. The final outcome of this court case could have a major effect on Right to Work protections.

In The Daily Caller, NILRR’s Senior Research Associate, Stan Greer, shares on this matter in an Op-Ed:

If PSC and New York government lawyers ultimately prevail in this case, then Steele’s modest, but important constraints on union bosses’ ability to take advantage of their privileged legal status to punish employees they dislike will be largely eliminated.

And the need for repeal of all federal and state laws authorizing union officials to acquire monopoly-bargaining power over employees, whether they choose to be union members or not, will be more obvious than ever before.

Stan Greer in The Daily Caller

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