GS Performance Relocates Headquarters to Right to Work Tennessee


GS Performance is an originally California-based handgun company. Recently though, they decided to move their headquarters to the Right to Work state of Tennessee. After evaluating all sides, the pros just far outweigh the cons. So they are investing $6.9 million to remodel a 65,000 square-foot building in Nashville, Tennessee. With this, they also plan to create 110 new jobs over the next several years.

From Area Development Magazine:

“As our economy continues to move forward and grow, we’re proud to welcome GS Performance to Tennessee, and we thank the company for its commitment to invest in the people of our state. The 110 new quality jobs created by this relocation are a great opportunity for Nashville and I look forward to seeing the company grow in the years to come.”

“Our strong workforce and reputation as a leading state for advanced manufacturing continues to make Tennessee the top choice for companies to come and grow their business. We are [happy] to welcome another West Coast, California-based company to Tennessee. GS Performance has established itself as a world-renowned gun manufacturer, and we thank the company for its commitment to Tennessee.”


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