How Is J. Knipper Increasing Its Consumer Reach?

J. Knipper and Company Inc will soon be expanding in Charlestown, Indiana. This will help them increase their distribution, which will help them reach more consumers. In order to make this possible, the company will be investing $17.4 million toward the project. In addition, they will be creating 38 new jobs. So this will be a great economic addition to the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Indiana has a legacy of life sciences excellence with companies like Knipper continuing to grow in our state. […] Approximately 2,100 life sciences companies in Indiana employ 56,000 Hoosiers, and as a state, we’ll keep providing a top-ranked business environment so companies like Knipper have the confidence to invest in their Indiana operations and add high-quality career opportunities.” […]

“We are ecstatic that Knipper has decided to expand and reinvest in its operations at the River Ridge Commerce Center. When the company opened at River Ridge, we knew it was the kind of innovative, growth-oriented employer that could thrive in a new home at River Ridge. […]

“The River Ridge Development Authority will continue to invest in infrastructure and amenities, so River Ridge remains an appealing location for Knipper and other firms serving the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.”


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