How is Petoskey Plastics Helping the Economy?


Petoskey Plastics is a company that dedicates itself to creating new products out of recycled plastics. Products made from recycled material include plastic bags and films. Thanks to Right to Work benefits that states like Texas offer, this company can expand, making a bigger positive impact. Petoskey Plastics is adding a new facility soon in McKinney, Texas which will be covered by a $30 million investment. So this will not only help the environment but will also help the economy by creating lots of new jobs!

From Area Development Magazine:

“This facility will give us the opportunity to be closer to our raw material suppliers [and reach] West Coast customers. […] We will be cutting our delivery time in half for both raw material and finished goods and will be more competitive, overall. This plant will start production as early as April and receive the most state-of-the art equipment available in the blown film market space over the coming months.” […]

“McKinney is an exciting and growing area we feel will be a great match for our equally exciting and growing business. We are eagerly looking forward to establishing a best-in-class facility in the community.”


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