How Many Jobs is BestCo Creating in RTW North Carolina?

BestCo is expanding soon in Right to Work Mooresville, North Carolina. In order for this expansion to come to fruition, the company is investing $177 million toward the project. In addition, this will also create 394 new jobs. So this is exciting news for people in Iredell County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“BestCo is part of a dynamic community that continually values and invests in fast-growing businesses.” […]

“North Carolina is one of the top locations in the world for pharmaceuticals, and innovative manufacturers like BestCo help keep us there. […] Life science companies rely on the educational and workforce training systems we’ve built for their specific needs. We’ll continue to invest in the workers who power this important industry in our state.” […]

“There’s a good chance when you open your medicine cabinet at home, a product made by BestCo will be right there on the shelf. […] We’re excited to support the expansion of a North Carolina company that’s already doing well in our state, and with the state’s continued commitment to workforce development, we’re confident more growth is ahead for this company and the state’s pharmaceutical industry overall.”


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