How Many Jobs is GE Appliances Creating in RTW Kentucky?

GE Appliances is planning a major expansion soon in Right to Work Louisville, Kentucky. In order to do this, they are investing a total of $450 million toward the project. That’s money that then goes straight into the economy! But that’s not all. They also plan to create 1,000 new jobs. So this is exciting news for the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“GE Appliances continues to bring manufacturing back to the United States, creating jobs and economic growth. […] We want zero distance between us and the millions of families we serve with our products across America. I want to thank Governor Beshear and the entire economic development team for their understanding of the importance of growing and sustaining existing businesses in the commonwealth.” […]

“As GE Appliances grows, Kentucky and our residents stand to benefit. This substantial investment will better position the company for the years ahead and will create quality job opportunities for Kentuckians. […] I want to congratulate the Louisville community on this important investment and thank the leaders at Haier and GE Appliances for their commitment to the commonwealth.” […]

“GE Appliances is a company that you can count on day in and day out. From today’s exciting announcement to its ‘Blue Wave’ of community service, GE Appliances is a national model for its commitment to invest in U.S. advanced manufacturing, for its cutting-edge products and for its impact to the well-being of our community. […] Thank you to GE Appliances for helping Louisville to be a leader in advanced manufacturing and to Kevin Nolan for his superb leadership!”


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