How Many Jobs is Oatly Creating in Right to Work Texas?


Oatly is the first and biggest oat drink manufacturing in the world. Now, they are adding a new facility in Right to Work Fort Worth, Texas. The new facility will total 280,000 square feet. And as a result of this new large location, they plan to create 100 new jobs by 2023. So this is great news for the area! It will not only help the company grow but will also create new economic opportunities.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Every time someone decides to take their coffee with oatmilk or have an Oatgurt for their afternoon snack, we believe they’re making a choice that’s healthier for them and the planet. And more and more people are making those choices every day. […] We’re excited to break ground on this factory in Fort Worth, which we believe will allow us to meet the growing demand for Oatly’s products and grow our positive impact on the planet.†[…]

“We are thrilled to welcome Oatly, an established, global brand to Fort Worth. […] Our central U.S. location, affordable land with room to grow, and skilled manufacturing workforce will be an excellent home for Oatly.â€


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