How Many Jobs is Trachte Building Systems Creating?


Trachte Building Systems is investing in a major expansion in Right to Work Vernon, Alabama. After all, the Right to Work economy provides a great economic environment that allows for business growth. The investment will total $11.5 million and cover the cost of new equipment as well as job creation. In fact, the company plans to create 70 new jobs within the first three years of opening. So this is exciting news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“As an employee-owned company, we are very excited to welcome the teammates in Vernon to our company as fellow owners. […] We look forward to continuing to work with them as our Vernon operation will be an important part of our future.”

“Trachte’s expansion project in Lamar County will have a major impact on the local economy and its job creation will bring new opportunities to the hard-working citizens in Vernon. […] By selecting Sweet Home Alabama, I know the company has picked the right place to pursue its growth plans.” […]

“We’re committed to helping businesses grow and thrive in Alabama, and the impact of new investment and job creation is always magnified when it happens in rural communities. […] With this project, Trachte is positioning its Vernon facility for a productive future, which will clearly benefit the city and the region for years to come.” […]

“We’re thrilled that Trachte has decided to expand and enhance its Vernon facility. […] Just as exciting has been seeing the collaboration between Trachte, the local Roof Mart team, the Alabama Department of Commerce, the City of Vernon, and Lamar County. Rural Lamar County is a dynamo when it comes to manufacturing. […] Companies in Lamar County are ready to hire more people and grow.”


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