How Much is Albemarle Corp Investing in Right to Work Arkansas?

Albemarle Corporation is investing $540 million in order to expand two locations in Right to Work Magnolia, Arkansas. In addition, they will also create new jobs. In fact, the company plans to increase their number of employees at the two facilities by 15%. So this is incredible news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We have a long, rich history of operations in Columbia County with a strong commitment to both the community and the economy in the region. […] The facility investments, along with the jobs and the economic stability they bring, reaffirm our dedication to the area and to meeting our customers’ needs as we work together to build the technologies of the future for a safer, greener world.” […]

“Albemarle is known throughout the world as an industry leader and innovator. […] Their commitment to sustainability pairs perfectly with our goals of improving economic conditions in the state while maintaining an exemplary quality of life. Their decision to expand in Magnolia is a reflection on our dedicated workforce and our business climate that allows companies that call Arkansas home to reach their full potential, both on the factory floor and out in the community.” […]

“It has been a pleasure working with the Albemarle team and seeing this project come to fruition. […] Albemarle has been a household name in south Arkansas for over 50 years. Its presence is felt throughout the county as a multi-generational employer and partner in community projects, schools, and events.”


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