How Much is Domtar Corporation Investing in Right to Work GA?

Domtar Corporation expanding soon in Right to Work Jesup, Georgia. In order to cover the cost, they are investing $60 million toward the project. This will also create 75 new jobs, So this will be a great economic addition to Wayne County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Domtar is pleased to partner with the State of Georgia to expand our facility.” […]

“Domtar has been a longtime partner to the state and specifically to our friends in southeast Georgia. […] Many thanks to our partners at every level of government who continue to prioritize investing in the Port of Savannah and in our workforce training programs, both of which have been critical to international companies like Domtar continuing to create opportunities for Georgians.”

“At Georgia Ports, we’re happy to support the export of Georgia-made products and the jobs those exports mean for communities across the state. […] The Domtar expansion will bring the number of Wayne County jobs that rely on port activity to nearly 2,200 full- and part-time positions.” […]

“This expansion is great news for Domtar and Wayne County. It’s the largest local industry expansion in several years and will provide a financial boost for Wayne County’s economy.”


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