How Much is Epitome Energy Investing in RTW North Dakota?

RTW-North-Dakota-NILRR (1)

Epitome Energy is investing $400 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Grand Forks, North Dakota. This will serve as a soybean crushing plant. As a result, this new location will also create 60 new jobs.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Over the past two decades, soybean production has increased by more than 300% in the Red River Valley and become a dominant crop in the region. However, many soybean farmers are over 100 miles away from the nearest processing facility. As a result, soybeans in the region are regularly among the lowest priced in the country, and farmers are forced to spend more on the transport of their harvests prior to sale and are unable to reach certain markets.†[…]

“Our team was thrilled that Epitome Energy has selected Grand Forks as a perfect location for their soybean crushing facility. […] The Grand Forks region is home to some of America’s richest farmland and provides plentiful opportunities for agribusiness. We will continue to work to support Dennis and Epitome team throughout the development process.â€


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