Hybar Makes Big Investment in Right to Work Arkansas

Right to Work Arkansas Economic Development

Hybar is making a major investment in Right to Work Mississippi County, Arkansas in order to establish a new facility. This new facility will serve as a scrap metal recycling steel rebar mill, and the investment will total $700 million. As a result, this will create 140 new jobs!

From Area Development Magazine:

“The Hybar project was a team effort involving state, regional and local government leadership, our management team, and many others to get to today’s announcement. […] I have been involved in several greenfield and expansion steel industry projects in Arkansas over the past eight years, and I know firsthand what a business-oriented, can-do state Arkansas is. Many thanks to Governor Sanders and her team.†[…]

“We are proud that Hybar has chosen to call Arkansas home. Very soon, Mississippi County in northeast Arkansas will produce more steel than any other county in the nation. That only happens with strong partnerships at the state, local and private sector levels working together as a team. The business climate in Arkansas, led by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, continues to reduce taxes and regulations and has placed workforce development solutions at the forefront of every economic development project. […] We thank Hybar for its decision and making a significant contribution to the state’s economic growth and look forward to a long partnership.†[…]

“Congratulations to Hybar on today’s significant project milestone. […] Companies like Hybar have made Arkansas a national leader in the steel production industry. We are thankful for the company’s commitment to creating 200 high-paying jobs in Mississippi County, and we look forward to celebrating the company’s success for years to come.â€


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