Keepbrite Refrigeration Relocates to Right to Work Texas

Right to Work Texas Economic Update

Keepbrite Refrigeration has decided to relocate its operations to Right to Work Kilgore, Texas. This will allow them to expand and create new jobs. In order to make this possible, they plan to invest a total of $55 million toward the project. They will also create 60 new jobs!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Founded in 2008 in Longview with just 18 employees, Keeprite Refrigeration, Inc. has grown dramatically over the years. […] Today, we boast a dedicated team of nearly 200 professionals. Our collaboration with Keeprite Refrigeration in Canada has positioned us at the forefront of the commercial refrigeration industry in North America. The new facility will serve as a beacon for technical innovation and is expected to further enhance our product offerings and customer service. It represents our confidence in the future and our commitment to investing in our people and communities.” […]

“They want their employees in the spotlight. […] I think that speaks volumes about their company culture. This particular, small piece of Synergy Park is more of a green space, with topography issues and other challenging elements that would make traditional development difficult, but it happens to be perfect for the employee-and-family use Keeprite Refrigeration has in mind.”


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