Microvast Advanced Membrane Chooses Right to Work Kentucky

A picture of the kentucky state flag.

Microvast Advanced Membrane is choosing Right to Work Hopkinsville, Kentucky for a new facility. In order to cover all costs, the company is investing a total of $504 million toward the project. They will also create 562 new jobs for the area. So this is exciting economic news! It also shows how Right to Work states excel at attracting great companies and job opportunities.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are excited to announce this next chapter for Microvast, as we intend to build the world’s first mass production facility for our cutting-edge polyaramid separator technology. […] This material took over 10 years to develop internally, and we believe it offers significant safety advantages compared to other polypropylene or polyethylene separator technology available today. We are pleased to expand our manufacturing footprint into Kentucky and are eager to work closely with the local community as we begin construction.” […]

“Kentucky continues to position itself as the top EV-related manufacturing location in the country. […] We are committed to creating an environment where the industries of the future can grow and thrive right here in the commonwealth, and Microvast’s investment is a huge step toward that goal.” […]

“We are ecstatic that Microvast has chosen our region for their next investment in EV battery technology. […] We’re excited to work with the company leadership as they execute this transformational opportunity for our region’s residents.”


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