MKS Plastics Has Plans for Right to Work Louisiana

Right to Work Louisiana Economic Update

MKS Plastics is expanding soon in Right to Work Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. In order to do so, the company is investing a total of $14 million toward the project. They also plan to create 54 new jobs. So this is exciting economic news for the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“This expansion will help MKS in every aspect of its business model, from our employee capacity to sales. […] We are looking forward to creating jobs for the community, while also being able to broaden our sales horizons with the additional machinery and warehouse space.”

“Thanks to companies like MKS choosing to grow in Louisiana, our state’s manufacturing jobs – the ‘gold standard’ indicator of economic health, ended 2022 at the highest level in seven years. […] Louisiana’s diverse and growing manufacturing sector supports more than 140,000 workers and their families through investment and job creation. I thank MKS for their continued commitment to our state and its skilled manufacturing workforce.” […]

“This type of expansion is a marker of success for a family-owned manufacturing company like MKS Plastics. […] The larger facility will not only allow the company to keep up with rising demand for their products, but will create meaningful new jobs at home in Tangipahoa Parish, and strengthen the region’s manufacturing legacy.” […]

“Our entire team at Tangipahoa Economic Development have worked hand in hand with Louisiana Economic Development and MKS Plastics to support this business with their expansion. […] We greatly appreciate the investment both have made here and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to see MKS grow and prosper, ultimately benefiting everyone in Tangipahoa Parish.”


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