Nevada Getting Dangerously Close to a Losing Bet

A roulette wheel with the number twenty eight on it.

From the Institute’s Stan Greer Op-Ed at the Reno Gazette Journal:

With a matter of days left before the Nevada Legislature ends its session, national union officials visited the Silver State recently to lobby for more union monopoly power. Big Labor-backed proposals SB 135 and 459 would tighten union officials’ stranglehold over the provision of public services in Nevada to the detriment of government workers’ rights and taxpayers’ wallets.

These bills would give government union bosses, who already wield monopoly-bargaining privileges over Nevada local government employees, the same power over state government employees.

More: Text of Nevada Senate Bill 135

More: Text of Nevada Senate Bill 459

If these bills become law, state government employees in Nevada who don’t wish to join a union will be statutorily prohibited from dealing directly with their employers on key matters concerning their jobs. This is an assault on civil servants’ freedom of choice.

And the bitter experience of citizens across the country since…

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