Nevada Group’s Top 10 Labor Reforms

Nevada Policy Research Institute lists its top 9 Labor Law Reforms for 2015.  Geoffrey Lawrence, Director of Research and Legislative Affairs, published the list of 9 labor law reforms that directly address union power in Nevada.

At the forefront of that last component will be changing the state’s collective-bargaining process for government workers in ways that hold union bosses accountable both to their own membership and to the taxpayers their members serve.
1.      End compulsory collective bargaining.
2.      No public resources used for dues collection
3.      Require unions to recertify periodically
4.      Transparent collective bargaining.
5.      Eliminate “exclusive bargaining agent†language.
6.      Voter approval for CBAs.
7.      Release time reimbursement.
8.      Repeal prevailing wage laws.
9.      Eliminate binding arbitration.