New Amazon Center Comes to Missouri City in Right to Work Texas

With the holidays coming up and COVID preventing many from going out, online shopping has been the popular choice. So it’s no wonder that Amazon continues to grow. Now, Amazon is planning to add a new Fulfillment Center in Missouri City, Texas. The facility will be one million square feet. They will also need new workers, so in order to run the place, they are creating 500 new, full-time jobs. So this will give many people in the area some new opportunities.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We’re excited to be expanding our network of operations in Missouri City. […] We are grateful for the strong support we’ve received from local and state leaders as we broaden our footprint[…] Every day at Amazon, incredible employees come together to deliver magical experiences for customers[. W]e look forward to creating over 500 jobs for the local community, with industry-leading pay and comprehensive benefits starting on day one.” […]

“Missouri City and Amazon are alike when it comes to success, diversity, customer service and community. We are looking forward to this new business model, which focuses on customer service and expands the economy as this is another partnership that will build on our commercial tax base, helping to ease the property tax burden on residents. […]

Expanding the economic base is a citizen and City Council priority, and this new Amazon center helps to achieve that goal. It’s just another step in moving Missouri City’s economy forward into the future.”


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