NILRR Right to Work Clipsheet December 04, 2015




Worker files unfair labor charge against GM, UAW

Detroit News Online, December 01, 2015

Daniel Lowery of Holly is claiming unfair labor practices against the three entities, according to a copy of the charges filed last week by the National Right to Work Defense Foundation Inc. on behalf of Lowery. The foundation says Lowery’s charges — the first it is aware of in Michigan by a UAW automaker trying to withdraw from the union — will be investigated by the federal National Labor Relations Board.

Southworth Precedent Not Helpful For Forced-Union-Fee Proponents in Friedrichs Case

On December 2, 2015, in News Clips, by Stan Greer

Today more than 20 states have laws on the books explicitly requiring all or some types of front-line public workers to pay dues or fees to a union they may not want as a condition of employment. And the vast majority of unionized state and local government employees in the U.S. reside in these Big […]

Some strikers return to work at Kohler, December 02, 2015

The union on strike against the Kohler Co. is circulating a list of members who have crossed the picket line and returned to work.

The list also states the 13 on the list are no longer union brothers or sisters and that “a scab is a scab.” Union members who have crossed the picket line in the two-week-old strike say they can’t afford to stay off the job. Luis Rodriguez says he can’t support his four children and pregnant wife on $200 a week in strike pay.

Will Lincolnshire take on labor unions by establishing right-to-work zone?

Daily Herald Online, November 28, 2015

Months after formally endorsing Gov. Bruce Rauner’s controversial turnaround agenda for Illinois, Lincolnshire officials are going further by moving to establish the town as a right-to-work zone.

Pension Grinch Likely to Pilfer More from Taxpayers, November 28, 2015

Taxpayers should dare Speaker Greg Stumbo or his fellow dinosaur-ic Democrats who still control the Kentucky House to talk taxes and new programs while at the same time opposing Bevin’s plan to shine the bright light of transparency on pension spending and investment practices and implement business-friendly policies like right-to-work and real tax reform to attract job creators who could provide at least some of that needed magic.

The Anti-Labor Skeleton in Bernie Sanders’s Closet

National Review Online, November 30, 2014

Sanders’s willingness to take money from a company engaged in the very kinds of anti-labor practices he rails against could give the Clinton campaign a potent line of attack. The Vermont senator has made his refusal to accept corporate contributions central to his presidential run, repeatedly suggesting that his Democratic rivals are shills for the companies padding their campaign coffers.

Kentucky Labor Unions Try To Slow Right-To-Work Momentum, November 30, 2015

Right-to-work is “all about whether you can control the political system so you can turn back the clock on workers,” said Londrigan — who was paid $77,079 in 2012, based on the latest available Kentucky AFL-CIO IRS return.

Michigan Education Association Membership Down More Than 12%

Education Intelligence Agency, December 01, 2015

But the union’s disclosure report to the U.S. Department of Labor, dated yesterday, tells a different story.

MEA reported it had 94,559 active members working in the state’s public schools, down more than 13,000 (12.3%) from last year. Since the law went into effect, MEA has lost 18,558 members (16.4%).

Pittsburgh attorney says unionizing should be a civil right

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online, December 01, 2015

“Why Labor Organizing Should Be a Civil Right” provides a basis for a bill titled “Workplace Action for a Growing Economy Act,” which is backed by 24 senators, including Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey. The bill, introduced in September, may also surface in next year’s presidential debate, having been endorsed by Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

West Virginia right-to-work bill coming in January, December 01, 2015

Saying he’d like to “beat Kentucky to the punch” by making West Virginia the 26th state in which workers can choose whether to pay labor unions, Cole told right-to-work will be introduced “very early in the session.”

Madison teachers union sues state over access to voter information in recertification elections

Journal Times Online, December 02, 2015

MTI sued the commission and its chairman, James Scott, in Dane County Circuit Court on Monday, saying the information is critical to the union’s get-out-the-vote efforts and does little good after the fact.

UAW Rival Blasts Union’s Divide & Conquer Strategy At Volkswagen In Letter To Co-Workers

Labor Union Report Online, December 03, 2015

“The timing of this “ambush election” amounts to the UAW kicking us while we are down, and puts all of our jobs at risk. Is this the sort of organization we want speaking on our behalf?”


Nordonia Hills News Leader Online, December 02, 2015

“Simply put, this bill is about making Ohio more competitive and business friendly, as well as supporting personal liberty,” he said, adding, “Why should someone have their hard-earned money taken and used to support issues, political or social, that they may not agree with? If this bill passes, then unions will have to compete on a level playing field for membership.”

Brinkman said right to work would push unions to better represent their members, having to compete to solidify their ranks.

Why the United Auto Workers ships jobs abroad, December 2, 2015

The United Auto Workers has just negotiated and ratified collective bargaining agreements with U.S. automakers, the foreseeable and, to some extent, intended effect of which is to facilitate shifting jobs to Mexico.

It’s a case study in the difference between labor’s political rhetoric, which is all about working-class solidarity, and collective bargaining, which is all about self-interest.