NILRR Weekly News Clips, December 06, 2013



Unions Bring Chicago Thuggery to California, Oregon Hospitals, December 02, 2013

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is attempting to force hospitals in California and Oregon to allow it to organize workers by using ballot initiatives that would cap executive pay and charges to patients, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The SEIU has said it would drop the referenda if hospitals agreed to work with the union. In other words, the unions are using democracy as a form of extortion.

Unions vs. the Taxpayers

National Review Online, December 2, 2013

For decades and across the country public employees have enjoyed release time, where they work full-time for their unions while being paid full salaries from the taxpayers. Because this practice explicitly violates a law, present in most states, that public funds cannot be used for private gain, is it being challenged in a Phoenix Arizona courthouse, and the prospects for the plaintiff are looking up:

UAW supporters attack politicians at prayer vigil, December 6, 2013

Though the UAW prayer vigil was initially promoted as counter-programming to a canceled event by the Beacon Center — a free-enterprise think tank based in Nashville — speakers quickly pivoted to attacking business groups and politicians who have warned that a UAW presence at VW would have a chilling effect on Chattanooga’s economy.

AFSCME Leader Wrong to Compare Union Recertification Elections to Communist China

MacIver Institute, December 4, 2013

Boyd McCamish, Executive Director of the AFSCME District Council 48, continued the attacks on Walker last week when news broke the public employee unions would have to have elections to be recertified. In a message that appeared on the local union’s Facebook page the day before Thanksgiving, McCamish lamented the announcement by comparing the Wisconsin governor and the Employment Relations Commission to the Communists in China.

Gov. Scott Walker’s record puts him in the running

Human Events Online, December 04, 2013

One year from now Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will run for Governor for the third time.

Scott Walker is the only American Governor to have survived a recall election.