Nissan Safety Lab Officially Open for Business!

Nissan invested over $40 million in order to locate a Safety Advancement Lab in Right to Work Farmington Hills, Michigan. This new facility is located within Nissan Technical Center North America here. It will also serve as the testing site for Nissan’s vehicles. Nissan Motor Company currently has over 1,200 employees, and this latest investment will only allow the company to continue to grow. So this is great news for the area’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“This expansion underscores Nissan’s commitment to the region and enables us to be a global center of excellence for new vehicle testing. […] The goal of virtually zero fatalities is always guiding our work. The combination of this new lab plus our passive and active safety technologies can help us reach that goal.” […]

“Here in the Safety Advancement Laboratory, we’re focused on passive safety. […] Our vehicles come equipped with technology to help prevent a crash, but in the event that there is a collision, we’re focused on helping protect customers from injury and evaluating the vehicle structure performance, airbag performance, seatbelt performance and other mechanisms that help protect our customers.”


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