Ocean Bio-Chem Has Chosen the Perfect Location for Expansion…

Ocean Bio-Chem Inc is a company dedicated to manufacturing chemicals for outdoor use such as for marine and RV settings. Based in Florida, they will soon be expanding in Montgomery, Alabama.

In fact, they plan to add an extra 69,000 square feet to their current facility here. In addition, this will create many new jobs for people in the area. So this will be a great for the economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“As previously announced,[ Ocean Bio-Chem ]2020 sales increased over 32% or $13.3 million to approximately $55.6 million from 2019 sales. Our 2017 plant expansion was essential to support the increase in business we realized in 2020. […] Without the plant expansion, we would not have had the capacity to meet customer demands. Our current expansion plans are essential in supporting our anticipated business growth in the future.” […]

“Also as a result of growth of our business we have directly supported the local Montgomery, Alabama economy during this time of lower employment. […] Not only did we increase our hiring during 2020, we now employ approximately 145 full time employees with benefits, an increase of approximately 50% from the beginning of 2020.”


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