Pennsylvania Union Officials Block Simon Campbell’s Right to Know

As Pennsylvania citizens work to pass a Right to Work law, the Pennsylvania State Education Association makes a show of their absolute power over Pennsylvania teachers, citizens and taxpayers.  Exercising his rights as a taxpaying citizen, President Simon Campbell, was stopped in his tracks by union officials and their power. Simon tells his story on 






On November 20, 2012, a Right to Know request was filed with all fourteen (14) PASSHE state Universities to receive (among other things) employee compensation details.


“The names. job titles, department names, salaries, and annual costs of all other benefits (e.g. healthcare, retirement, etc.) of all [PASSHE University] employees who are represented in collective bargaining by the APSCUF labor Union.”


On December 31, 2012, unexpectedly and without receiving any notice, Simon Campbell (the Requester), the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records (OOR), and PASSHE all received the Court Order below by fax.


Slippery_Rock_Compensation_Release_Dec_3_2012.pdf [103.81K]


Court_Order_New_Years_Eve.pdf [44.17K]


Here’s a reminder of how PA’s public sector Unions have been seeking the destruction of Requesters’ rights under the Right-to-Know Law. The PSEA teachers’ Union got this Preliminary Injunction Order back in 2009 …


PSEA_Reminder_2009.pdf [18.27K]


While most Pennsylvania school districts have a forced dues clause negotiated into the contract, teachers have a nonunion, professional alternative in The Keystone Teachers Association.