Plenty Unlimited Inc Creates Plenty of Unlimited RTW Virginia Opportunity

RTW-Virginia-NILRR (3)

Plenty Unlimited has chosen Right to Work Chesterfield County, Virginia to be the location for the world’s largest indoor vertical farming campus. In order to accomplish this feat, the company is investing $300 million toward the project. This will then create 300 new jobs. So this is exciting news for a number of reasons!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Indoor farming is fundamentally changing agribusiness with environmentally and socially responsible farming technologies that make local, sustainable produce available to more communities. […] Plenty will be able to easily grow and distribute fresh products to thousands of customers from its new campus in Chesterfield County, reinforcing the benefits of Virginia’s strategic location and dedicated workforce. We are proud to welcome Plenty to the Commonwealth and thank the company for further advancing the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry in Virginia.” […]

“It is clear that access to an expanding international trade gateway was key in Plenty Unlimited’s strategic decision to come to Chesterfield County and we look forward to partnering with them as their global gateway. […] Plenty is building a one-of-a-kind, environmentally conscious vertical farming operation and this company’s sustainability philosophy aligns with The Port of Virginia’s larger goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2040. Virginia is the top location for agriculture-related cargo, and we welcome the news of Plenty’s investment in Virginia.” […]

“Innovation, technology, and agriculture go hand-in-hand in Virginia, and we are thrilled that Chesterfield County will soon be home to the world’s largest indoor farming campus. […] We’re pleased that Plenty is the latest sustainable company to select Greater Richmond to grow their operations.”


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