Recap: Companies Have Right to Work Georgia on Their Mind


Two businesses will soon be calling Right to Work Georgia home, and they are NewCold and Profile Products. Both are adding new locations within the state. Read on in order to learn more about what this will mean for the economy!


NewCold is investing $333 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work McDonough, Georgia, thus creating 170 new jobs!

“NewCold’s supply chain and logistics solutions support global companies that depend on the reliable, efficient delivery of goods to market, and we are excited to welcome them to Georgia. […] Georgia’s long history of investments in infrastructure and workforce create an environment where companies and communities can grow. We are thrilled to celebrate the jobs and opportunities NewCold will be creating in Henry County, and look forward to NewCold’s future success.†[…]

“We are excited that NewCold has chosen Henry County for their new facility. […] This highly automated facility will bring additional high skilled jobs while also increasing Henry County’s already strong portfolio of foreign direct investment.â€


Profile Products:

Profile Products is investing $35 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Jasper County, Georgia. This will create 80 new jobs!

“Agribusiness is a core industry in Georgia, and we’re excited for Profile to begin manufacturing their solutions-oriented products in the state. […] From erosion control that protects water resources through sustainable methods to improving soil used in horticulture facilities, the products that Profile will manufacture in Georgia will increase the quality of life for communities far and wide. Thank you to our partners in Jasper County and Monticello for taking steps to attract innovative companies and new opportunities to your community.â€


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