Recap: Here are Businesses Investing in Right to Work North Dakota


Two businesses investing in Right to Work North Dakota are Epitome Energy and Grand Farm Education and Research Initiative. Both are adding new locations within the state. Read on in order to find out how these investments will impact the economy.

Epitome Energy:

Epitome Energy is investing $400 million in order to add a new facility in Right to Work Grand Forks, North Dakota. This will also create 60 new jobs!

“Our team was thrilled that Epitome Energy has selected Grand Forks as a perfect location for their soybean crushing facility. […] The Grand Forks region is home to some of America’s richest farmland and provides plentiful opportunities for agribusiness. We will continue to work to support Dennis and Epitome team throughout the development process.â€


Grand Farm Education and Research Initiative:

Grand Farm Education and Research Initiative is adding a new location soon in Right to work Fargo, North Dakota with a $10 million grant.

“North Dakota has always been a leader in ag innovation. This private-public matching grant using legislatively approved federal funds is an investment that will further accelerate ag innovation and have a transformative impact on the future of North Dakota and our nation’s agriculture industry. […] Our state is an innovative leader in agriculture technologies, and Grand Farm and its partners’ work will advance cutting-edge research and commercialization of new farming concepts to increase productivity and profitability, reduce inputs, improve soil health and help address workforce needs through automation.†[…]

“It’s been amazing to see the collaboration around this by leaders across all levels of our government including Rep. Michael Howe and Sen. Ron Sorvaag and the state legislature, Governor Doug Burgum and his executive team, and Sen. John Hoeven and the North Dakota delegation. […] This investment will have a transformative impact on the state’s future.â€


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