Recap: What Companies are Investing in Right to Work Virginia?


Three companies that are investing soon in Right to Work Virginia include MEP Ltd, Walraven, and Beanstalk. MEP Ltd has chosen Danville for its first-ever US location. Then around the same Danville-Pittsylvania area, Walraven is relocating. And lastly, Beanstalk is expanding in Fairfax County. These will also all be great economic investments! Read on so you can learn more about each business’s plans.

MEP Ltd:

MEP Ltd is investing $6.4 million in order to establish its first US operation in Right to Work Danville, Virginia. Here, they will also create 45 new jobs!

“The Commonwealth’s unparalleled connection to the global economy is especially attractive to international companies, and Southern Virginia has attracted many of them.” […]

“MEP brings decades of machining experience from its U.K. operations into a region of the U.S. known for legacy workforce training programs and advanced machining technology. […] Making Everything Possible LLC will strengthen the cluster of manufacturing assets that continue to fuel the future growth of the Southern Virginia region.”


Walraven Inc:

Walraven is relocating to Right to Work Danville-Pittsylvania County, Virginia with a $7.15 million investment. This will also help create 46 new jobs.

“We selected Danville because of its availability of property, competitive proposals, engaging community, commitment and investment in technical education, and access to markets. Walraven is looking forward to […] building a ‘multinational with a heart’ in Virginia.” […]

“We are proud that Walraven has entrusted our region’s skilled workers and workforce training pipeline to bring its North American Headquarters to fruition, and we assure you that our people will not let you down.”



Beanstalk, a farming company in Fairfax County, Virginia, is expanding here with a $2 million investment. This will also create 29 new jobs!

“Virginia takes great pride in being a leader in agriculture and technology. We are [happy] to see Beanstalk growing in the Commonwealth. […] The company will benefit from Fairfax’s County robust tech workforce and the Virginia Jobs Investment Program, which helps ensure businesses have the talent they need to succeed.” […]

“As a hub for innovation of all kinds, Fairfax County is an ideal location for Beanstalk’s innovative indoor farm facility. […] By utilizing its hydroponic growing technology in a larger space, Beanstalk will be able to produce even more pesticide-free greens year-round. The FCEDA congratulates the company on its expansion plans in Fairfax County.”


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