Right to Work North Carolina Welcomes ProKidney Corp

Right to Work North Carolina Economic Update

ProKidney Corp is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Greensboro, North Carolina. In order to accomplish this, the medical company is investing a total of $485 million toward the project. They will also create 330 new jobs. So this will be an incredible economic addition to Guilford County!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We considered many factors in determining where best to build future commercial manufacturing capacity for REACT. […] Because of North Carolina’s depth and breadth of biotechnology talent, the advantage of locating the plant near our headquarters and pilot manufacturing plant in Winston-Salem, NC, and the state’s interest in continuing to grow its biotechnology industry, we determined that adding manufacturing capacity here in Greensboro would be in the best interest of ProKidney, its shareholders and its local stakeholders. We look forward to continue growing our business along with the state that we have called home since our founding.†[…]

“As a former executive in the biotech industry, I’m proud to see North Carolina’s continued leadership in this industry, which means so much for both our economy and for people’s health and wellbeing. […] We never take for granted the importance of a strong, well-trained workforce to keep us ahead of the pack. As our First in Talent strategic plan makes clear, we’ll continue to invest in our people and the educational systems that create opportunities for everyone.†[…]

“We are thrilled that a homegrown company like ProKidney will continue its game-changing work in North Carolina. […] North Carolina’s highly trained workforce, top-notch education systems and public and private partnerships offer what companies like ProKidney need to be innovative and successful.â€


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