Sazerac Has Big Plans for Right to Work Kentucky


Sazerac Co is investing $600 million in order to accomplish several goals in Right to Work London, Kentucky. This investment will allow them to build about 20 new barrel warehouses, as well as expand Robinson Stave and Cumberland Cooperage. As a result of these projects, the company will also be creating 50 new jobs. So this is exciting news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“This is a significant investment in Kentucky by Sazerac as our signature bourbon industry continues to grow at an incredible rate. […] I am so glad to see this job creation in Southeastern Kentucky, as well as the growth of a company that has invested so much in the commonwealth over the past 25 years. Thank you to the leaders at Sazerac for further deepening their roots in the Bluegrass State.†[…]

“Jackson Energy looks forward to supporting and serving the needs of Sazerac-Buffalo Trace in Rowland Acres Industrial Park. […] As a local business partner with the London-Laurel County Economic Development Authority, Jackson Energy recognizes the potential economic growth and job opportunities this industry will bring to our region.†[…]

“What an exciting time for London. […] Sazerac already provides quality jobs with great benefits, and we are happy they chose Laurel County for their operation expansion and this record-breaking investment in our community.


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