Service Offsite Solutions is Locating to RTW North Carolina


Service Offsite Solutions is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Sanford, North Carolina. In order to pull this off, the company is investing a total of $11.8 million toward the project. And, they also plan to create 235 new jobs. So this is exciting economic news! This is also evidence of how Right to Work states attract job-creating businesses.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Service Offsite Solutions is changing the way that residential framing is done in the Carolinas. […] Our process delivers a framed house, dried in, with all the punchwork completed in less than half the time it would take for traditional stick framing, often in as little as two days. […] This is an installed, turnkey service for our customers that accelerates the timeframe for the entire construction of the house. It truly is a paradigm shift for the future of homebuilding.†[…]

“This expansion is another great economic development win for North Carolina. […] Companies know our capable workforce, central location, and great quality of life are benefits to helping the homebuilding industry meet the high demand in North Carolina.†[…]

“As our strategic economic development plan emphasizes, North Carolina’s greatest asset is our people. […] Innovative companies, like Service Offsite Solutions, need a dependable and skilled pool of talent to support their growth strategies.â€


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