Sherk: A union of One; AFSCME Pulls a Fast One on Daycare Workers


James Sherk, in the Washington Times, makes excellent points about the political power unions possess, passing a law that would allow self-employed workers to unionize.  That’s correct – self-employed daycare workers.

Minnesota daycare workers’ dues hard at work



Desperate times call for desperate measures, but the union movement has taken this saying to a new level. It has reacted to dwindling membership by unionizing recipients of public assistance. In more than a dozen states, unions now extract dues from government benefit checks.

The latest example is Minnesota. The legislature just passed a law unionizing day-care providers at the behest of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). Employees of large day-care centers could already unionize. This bill applies to self-employed day-care providers, many of whom run day-care centers out of their homes.