Simple Logistics’ Decision to Invest Here is Simple!


Simple Logistics Solutions has chosen Right to Work Nashville, Tennessee as the perfect place to locate operations. The decision was simple! After all, this area will give the company Right to Work benefits while also creating new opportunities for people in the area. In fact, the company plans to create 92 new jobs. So this is good news!

From Area Development Magazine:

“On behalf of the entire SiLo team, we are proud to establish our Corporate citizenship here in Nashville. We’re excited and ready to grow through diverse local talent from the rich university presence and the solid transportation industry players the state of Tennessee has to offer. Our recent investment in our downtown Nashville office space has positioned us with a reliable location to bring in both experienced and entry level professionals that will support our continued growth. A sincere thanks to Governor Lee and his team who have supported us from the start.” […]

“Tennessee’s transportation and logistics industry continues to gain momentum with more than 227,000 Tennesseans employed in this sector. We appreciate SiLo for choosing to establish its headquarters in Nashville, adding to the robust business landscape of Middle Tennessee.” […]

“TVA and Nashville Electric Service congratulate SiLo-Simple Logistics Solutions on its decision to locate operations in Nashville. Fostering new job opportunities and investment in the Valley is central to TVA’s mission of service. We are proud to partner with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to help further that mission and celebrate this announcement.”


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